Reasons to use
• Hypertention
• Hypotention
• Astma
• Head aches Atherosclerosis
• Arrythmia
• And many others
Principle of
It forms a hypercapnic gaseous mixture during breathing exercises with TSS «Samozdrav» in the container.
Respiratory exercises
with the «Samozdrav»
30 minutes per day
Restoration of the norm
of CO2 to 6-6.5%
in the body
Relief of vasospasm
in the body
of blood flow
in all body organs
A healthy and full of energy life
Clinical test

In order to estimate how breathing exercises influence on human organism it was a special examination of men and women in the age of 40-90 years old, was executed breathing exercises with the «Samozdrav» trainer. Total amount of examineded persons containded 10500 persons.
• Hypercapnic gaseous mixture was created by breathing through the "Samozdrav" trainer capnicator. That were everyday courses of 30-minutes breathing with hypercapnic gaseous mixture wich includes free air and increased content of CO2;
• Research was held on the basis of Scientific-producing enterprise Samozdrav, Ltd;
• The main office is located in Samara;
• Such parameters as respiratory minute volume, CO2 concentration in inhaled air, ECG parameters were examined during the research. Data was handled by program Statistica 10.0 taking into account the T-criteria for independent samples (р<0,05).

Chronical Hypocapnemy – Systematic Pathogenic Factor
N. A. Agadjanyan, J.N. Mishustin, S.F. Levkin
• This monograph gives an analysis of contemporary data about physiological aspect of CO2 critical level in arterial blood as one of the most significant parameters of homeostasis;
• Data about the prevalence of persistent homeostasis breach leading to chronical hypokapniemia, as well as it's leading to chronical diseases;
• Materials about phenomen of determining the pathogenicity of chronical hypokapniemia – specific hypokapniemical angiospasm;
• Described mechanisms of angiospasm;
• New approaches in understanding of mechanisms of fisiological processes that can provoke the development of widespread pathological processes as essential hypertension, ischemia of heart and brain, diabetes mellitus type II, diencephalic disorders, etc.

Influence of training with hypercapnic gaseous mixture on blood circulation of cerebrum among people with signs of insomnia
The results of the investigation describe that investigated persons got naturally 9% increase of CO2 stressof initial value that provided increase of cerebrum blood supply 12% of the norm (100%).
Influence of excersises with hypercapnic gaseous mixture on cardiac activities people with signs of myocardial ischemia.
68% of researched persons have got recovery of T-wave indicators up to norm that shows decrease of myocardial ischemia signs. Myocardium blood supply and oxygen supply increased to 12% of the norm (100%).
Prevention of diseases
Cardiac arrhythmia (Tachycardia)

The main function of “Samozdrav” is the normalisation of the amount of CO2 in the organism, which leads to the decrease of the hypertonia of the blood vessels, in this way eliminating the reason of the arterial hypertension. Arterial hypertension is one of the main causes of arrhythmia, consequently breathing on “Samozdrav” may prevent the dysrhythmia of the heart. In addition, the normalisation of the amount of CO2 in the arterial blood prevents the alkalosis, which is also one of the factors of cardiovascular diseases, specifically arrhythmia. Exercising on “Samozdrav” normalises the breathing, evens it, prevents dyspnea and other types of breathing dysrhythmia, leading to acidosis. The heart innervation is provided by the parasympathetic nervous system, while the breathing is controlled not only by the parasympathetic nervous system. It is possible that the even breathing is capable of calming down the heartbeat.


During the respiratory exercises, CO2 influences the vasomotor centre (which moves the vessels), which normalises vessel lumen and regulates the arterial pressure level. It is realised through the specific receptors of the reticular formation of the brainstem, and through the increase of the concentration of H+, which is taken by the carotid and other chemoreceptors.


The hypertonicity of the smooth muscles of the vessels characterises this illness. One of the reasons for it is the lack of the natural vasolidator of the vessels, carbon dioxide. Exercising on “Samozdrav” leads to the increase of the natural lumen regulator, CO2, and the vessels are normalised, thus the blood pressure is normalised too. Another reason for hypertonicity is the protective mechanism for excessive CO2 excretion. When this particular feature is normalised, the spasm is eliminated.

Coronary artery disease

1. Researches conducted on an isolated heart demonstrate that hypercapnia increases the coronary blood flow, while hypocapnia decreases it.

2. The vast importance of the training is best shown on the example of collateral blood circulation. Regular trainings on “Samozdrav” produces additional branching of the vessels, which improve the nutrition and the blood supply of the heart.

3. Moderate hypercapnia induces the venous blood flow to the heart, increases the systolic volume as a result of the increase of the tonicity of the veins and the skeleton muscles, diffuses the blood flow.

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