Trainings on “Samozdrav” influence the brain vessels and blood supply specifically. Under its influence the resistance vessels relax, while in the most parts of the peripheral vessel areas a spasm can be observed. Based on this, we can suppose that regular trainings on “Samozdrav” will help stimulate the brain blood flow, including the development of the collaterals, which are of vital importance for the increase of the brain tolerance to the coronary artery disease.

One of the mechanisms of the increase of the brain tolerance to the coronary artery disease, using the increase of the CO2 in the arterial blood, is the angiogenesis stimulation in the brain and the increase in the number of normally functioning microvessels.

In this way, regular trainings on “Samozdrav” improve the blood supply and nutrition of the brain and drastically diminish the risk of a stroke, helping restore the brain tissue.